Tay Y.U.N.G

 25 year old Phoenix,AZ native Tay Y.U.N.G is a rapper,singer & songwriter. He adopted the moniker Y.U.N.G from the older homies he would run with being that he was the youngest in the crew & would always be the one to make rookie decisions.

Tay Y.U.N.G aka The Melted Heart Kid. Possess an addicting alternative melody and flow deeply rooted in reality. While it seems music is on a wave of flash and flex to excite listeners. Tay Y.U.N.G continues to stay grounded and spills vibes tailored by his real life, love, and the everyday struggle. Not afraid to open up about his feelings he invited his fans to join him with every project as he questions life it self. 

Recently re-creating his brand direction With his 2016 Released EP (The Melted Heart Tape) produced by Pacotheproducer aka “Paco JESUS” zeroes-in on his New emotionally charged sound and presents listeners with an undeniable vibe session of relationship POV. 
Shortly after, following up with the fan favorite (Private Party ft. Rank Rated). The up-tempo energized Single offers closure on Tay Y.U.N.G’s relationship views #LoveIsNotInvited. The single gained traction landing reviews on publications like Snvlife.com and by major playlist on Spotify. The Melted Heart Tape has returned with yet another timeless vibe Still Melted .Fans anticipate this is only the beginning for what’s in store.