Tay Y.U.N.G

 Tay Y.U.N.G is a rapper, singer and songwriter, from Phoenix, AZ but  currently resides in Bakersfield, California in which he considers home.  He adopted the moniker Y.U.N.G from the OGs in his neighborhood, as he  was the youngest among the crew and would always be the one to make  rookie decisions. But it was all necessary to make Tay the man he is  today.

Music has been essential his whole life. Being from the  West Coast, Tay was soaking in the sounds of a prime Tupac Shakur and  instantly gravitated towards Hip-Hop. At just 11-years-old, he would  start writing rhymes of his own. It wasn't until his teenage years  (16/17) that he would be introduced to the professional way of creating  music and instantly fell in love with the process. Other legends that  heavily influenced YUNG was Scarface of the South, and Big L / Craig  Mack from the East Coast. From today's music, the likes of J. Cole,  Kendrick Lamar, Boogie and Sy Ari Da Kid provide Tay with the substance  and presentation that keeps him motivated. With his sound best described  as eclectic melodies and urban rooted Hip-Hop, you can see why his  influences are of, so much range and mix.

Fast forward to 2016,  Tay delivered his debut project titled “Guns Go Bang.” Following a few  more solid independent releases, and learning the game as he goes, his  music would reach the attention of O.U.R. Brand Music Label Inc, who Tay  would later decide to sign with. Now backed by a industry machine, Tay  would unleash a fury of releases under the imprint, including multiple  singles and 2 EPs, ("The Melted Heart Tape") / ("Still Melted"). Showing  no signs of slowing down, his most recent drop was a single in April  titled "Slide," as he gears up to bless fans with a lot more material.

Also  known as 'The Melted Heart Kid', Tay possess an unique, alternative  melody and flow that's deeply rooted in reality. While it seems music is  on a wave of flash and flex to excite listeners, YUNG continues to stay  grounded and deliver vibes tailored by his real life, love, and the  everyday struggle. Not afraid to open up about his feelings, he invites  fans to join him on this journey we call life with every project. With  his impressive work ethic and ability to dish out incredible content,  it's safe to say his goal of becoming a 'YUNG' legend is coming into  fruition