Flood Dawg


 Flood Dawg is from Ashokie, North Carolina he was born May 31, 1984. He is a Hip-Hop/R&B Artist as well as a music engineer.

  Flood Dawg has worked for everything he has, with his strong work ethic and hunger forthe dream like no other. With Flood’s drive and desire the sky is the limit for him. The quote that he lives by is, “Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinion drown out you inner voice.” Steve Jobs  

 Flood Dawg started free styling at the age of 11 when his older sister’s boyfriend got him into free styling and he has been working on it since. Early in his career he was discouraged when he was trying to make himself known and he was sampling other beats, but he found nothing that suited his taste. He almost quit music all together until one day a friend introduced him to his older brother who took the time to show him how to produce his own beats; and that’s when everything started to come together. Flood Dawg listened to many different artists like LL Cool J, Bone Thugs-n- Harmony, TI, Outkast and Joe Budden, which give Flood Dawg his own unique sound and style.  

 Flood Dawg wants to be known worldwide for staying true to himself. He hopes to inspire people to go for their dreams and ambitions; by setting goals and working to achieve them. He hopes that his drive and hunger will set the bar for people to reach their goals. One song that helps him keep that inner fire is “I Can’t Quit”, by TI off of his album Trap Muzic. One thing Flood’s father told him that has stayed with him, “Never stop dreaming because a man without a dream is dead already”. 

  Flood Dawg is signed with O.U.R Brand Music Label Inc. For additional information please visit Flood Dawg Fan Page on Facebook @Flood Dawg on Twitter @flooddj5 or Instagram @flooddawg. For Booking/Business inquires Email FloodDawgmanagement@gmail.com


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